Cooking classes with Hamilton

Published at 20 April, 2015

20 de Abril, 2015

Today we cooked a tuna and bean salad with fried codfish with carrot rice, roasted lamb and for dessert "Convento do Paraíso", typical from Évora.

21 de Abril, 2015

Today we will do several sauteed. A sauteed is a technique Hamilton asked us to approach. So today we will make sauteed peppers, chestnuts salad with mushrooms and chourizo, cauliflower...just to start...

Spicy peppers, chestnuts, chourizo, shrimp with garlic and cauliflower all sauteed.

Some on the floor and some on the table but after some time you look like an expert right Hamilton?!

22 de Abril, 2015

Sauteed chestnuts with chorizo, blood chorizo and bread sausage sprinkled with honey  and oregano.

Dear Hamilton, we had a HUGE pleasure in having you with us at Portuguese Cooking School. Come and visit us whenever you wish to! You will be received as FRIEND.