“This experience exceeded all my expectations. Spending a few hours with you has been the best part of our Portugal experience.” ~ Betty

Debbie and Jack, USA

6 days program

“Thank you for welcoming us into your home and teaching us how to make food with love. My grandson and I made life long memories – a priceless experience – we will think of you, every time we prepare one of your dishes. All our love.” ~ Debbie and Jack, USA


6 days program

“Spending a week with Sofia and Maria was amazing! We ate, we laughed, we drank wine, we toured around Évora and Alentejo and it was wonderful!” ~ Sandy

J. Cohen

6 days program

“Sofia made my week in Portugal memorable, with her energy and enthusiasm of food and her town of Évora. I will always remember this special time spent in her kitchen cooking all of these regional dishes. Thank you.” ~ J. Cohen


“So much fun and such delicious food. Completely fantastic.” ~ Mark


“Hello my friend!

I loved the cooking class. It was remarkable and I will never forget the way I was received as a friend who took the classes at your house and had great moments.

Thank you for everything.

Best wishes for you and your family.” ~ Hamilton

Doroteia R.(S.Paulo, Brasil) 

“What a nice suprise this cooking experience turned out to be! It was very interesting to learn about Portugal’s history and about the portuguese culture with all its magnificent monuments which would had never been able to really appreciate if it wasn’t for all the enthusiasm and detail of this visit. Each cooking class was a show of flavours and funny stories about this familiar people. I traveled alone but felt I was with family. Loved it and I will be back again. Wait for me Sofia!” ~ Doroteia R.(S.Paulo, Brasil) 


“My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed Sofia’s cooking classes and tours of the Alentejo. The food, wines and cultural sites were amazing and impressive. We learned the cooking techniques and recipes, ensuring that these dishes were easy to replicate at home. Our friends and family have enjoyed many delightful Portuguese meals at home since our trip.” ~ Mike

Jane Wolfe, Queensland Australia

“Sofia Vieira runs a wonderful cooking and cultural experince in Evora, Portugal.  She shares her love of regional Alentajo food, Portuguese culture and history and the amazing beauty of the local countryside with everyone lucky enough to attend her cooking school. I have travelled all over the world and done cooking schools for many years – this one is the best I have done. I recommend it highly if you are well travelled and want to get away from the big city packaged tour groups and have a real look at Portugal” ~ Jane Wolfe, Queensland Australia